Sauti Sol at the Boombatta Concert

The multi talented  SAUTI SOL. Truth be told they killed the show, the Nigerians performance was nothing to write home about. Big up my brothers, we look forward to seeing you reach greater heights and do bigger things in life. Enjoy the post and expect more images from the concert on my next post.

bumbatta_sol12 bumbatta_sol13 bumbatta_sol14 bumbatta_sol15 bumbatta_sol16 bumbatta_sol18 bumbatta_sol19 bumbatta_sol20 bumbatta_sol21 bumbatta_sol22 bumbatta_sol23 bumbatta_sol24 bumbatta_sol26 bumbatta_sol27 bumbatta_sol29 bumbatta_sol30 bumbatta_sol34 bumbatta_sol35 bumbatta_sol36 bumbatta_sol37 bumbatta_sol38 bumbatta_sol42 bumbatta_sol43 bumbatta_sol44

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