Opa Williams Night of a Thousand Laughs – 2014 (The Artists)

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
― Robert Frost

From the likes of Basket Mouth @Basket_mouth, to our very own Eric Omondi it was definitely a night of a thousand laughs and more. Opa Williams did it again and this time round it was the best, based on organization, preparation and the lineup of comedians.  I felt like our local comedians were put to test and they kinder stood out as they avoided their normal family jokes. If you missed the show get the DVD it will be out sometime soon. @Basket_mouth will be having his own show in Nairobi sometime August, see posters and press for details.


naol_14-7 naol_14-14 naol_14-20 naol_14-21 naol_14-42 naol_14-44 naol_14-47 naol_14-55 naol_14-60 naol_14-65 naol_14-77 naol_14-79 naol_14-102 naol_14-105 naol_14-116 naol_14-133 naol_14-135 naol_14-167 naol_14-184 naol_14-216 naol_14-217 naol_14-220 naol_14-223 naol_14-224 naol_14-228 naol_14-255 naol_14-273 naol_14-276 naol_14-280 naol_14-287 naol_14-299 naol_14-317 naol_14-328 naol_14-363 naol_14-380 naol_14-383 naol_14-389 naol_14-432 naol_14-437 naol_14-448 naol_14-450 naol_14-454 naol_14-495 naol_14-509 naol_14-517 naol_14-576 naol_14-584 naol_14-596 naol_14-602 naol_14-605 naol_14-610 naol_14-648 naol_14-658 naol_14-661 naol_14-689 naol_14-767 naol_14-801 naol_14-807 naol_14-814

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