Aloe Blacc


I saw a couple of blankets, lots of wine, a good number of whiskey bottles from scotch to bourbon. Blends and single malts. Well, unlike Aloe Blacc I needed more than a dollar. I was thirsty and being a bachelor, hungry at the same time (You wouldn’t get it if you have a better half or she managed to convince you to put a ring on it).

The weather was just right for those with blankets and one confused clown who had a fur coat on. It threatened to rain but the gods wanted to “sheki-legi” one more time to Blinky Bill and his band . The gathering was coloured; full of love, happiness and a frenzy well represented by artist, bloggers, young families, loads of single women, a trillion photographers and even a rep from the government (permanent secretary of something – who cares). In general, the cool kids would say the place was “lit” #Fire.

After some hours spent trying to hide my gear I finally started doing what took me there. Aloe Blacc did a great job, no words can describe his performance and how he entertained the crowd. Below are the results. Enjoy!



One thought on “Aloe Blacc

  1. Eiiiiish…Seba, these are AMAZING!!!! 🙂
    Aloe Blacc’s performance, HEH!!! Sina words, yaaaani!!! It was #OutOfThisWorld

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