From a man’s ribs part I

Alot has been said about women, but not compared to what has not and with those words I introduce todays post.neema_ neema_01 neema_02 neema_03 neema_04 neema_05 neema_06 neema_07 neema_08

Black, African and beautiful!

Dancehall artist Kiprich came up club banger (cake soap / can’t get brown) after Vybes Kartel the world boss – as Jamaicans refer to him bleached his body / face, one of the two. The late MJ Did it although I am told he had a skin condition (convenient hah!). Most Congolese atleast the once who live in Nairobi have been spotted walking around town (next to Simmers offcourse) with very light complexion on their faces and ridiculously dark arms and fingers. You are probably wondering why I am talking about Africans bleaching their bodies / faces. well, that is the only way my little disturbed mind found best fit to introduce todays blog. I wanted to show off some African beauty . I am not saying the model is dark (women can be sensitive). Ladies and gentlemen introducing Mandi, enjoy. ma_01 ma_02 ma_03 ma_04 ma_05 ma_06 ma_07 ma_08 ma_09

Of petals and women!

Running around town, off course going about my normal business of errands here and there and rudely interrupted by Nairobi women’s  provocative  beauty  and killer bodies (not that I am complaining, my neck has been for a while now) I bumped into this dude who looked guilty as the F word holding a bouquet of flowers. Immediately my mind started playing “House” trying to figure out  what he did wrong and what is the probability of his little not so genius project working out. Two seconds later the idea behind this post was conceived with lots of pleasure as I sheepishly smiled along the street almost being confused for one of the 14 Mathare Mental Hospital  inmates who pulled a prison break (got to love my country).

Long story short I decided to take some images of the reproductive organ found in flowering plans, (forgive my description – heavily borrowed from Wikipedia), but found an interesting unique approach behind the lighting. Enjoy the post.

fl_01 fl_02 fl_03 fl_04 fl_05 fl_06 fl_08


I happen to have landed a small assignment for capturing images to be used on their promotional material for their upcoming gigg in Europe and I am must say, I was humbled to have spent a good hour with these athletes. A toned body simple mean you invest money, time, eating right, working out and most important of all hydrating you body. The sad thing about this lovely story is the fact that they can’t make a living performing in Kenya 😦 no one supports their shows. So next time you are out there take a minute, buy the damn ticket support a Kenyan acrobat.

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Hats on / off – It is sunny in Nairobi

It has been months since I last posted anything and I am absolutely blank on how to introduce this post.

So, enjoy the post!

Sheila_01 Sheila_02 Sheila_03 Sheila_04 Sheila_05 Sheila_06 Sheila_08 Sheila_09 Sheila_10

Balmoi Abe

This might sound rather insensitive. I have met people who have tried really hard to explain to me how they don’t have friends and I am always left puzzled, the same look I had after watching the gangnam video. Well, this post is all about Balmoi Abe, I asked him about his name and he gave me one of those techie / rocket science /  blaa blaa blaa explanations and in my mind half way through it I was like “It’s cool you don’t have to finish the damn speech” We met on a set, can’t really say much about  it but after having a long conversation key subjects being golf and women, that was the beginning of what I would call a friendship. Enjoy the post

Lights here and there, and one model on every shot.

Hhhm how do I introduce these images? My guess is, you are already looking so feed back … whether positive or negative will be highly appreciated. Enjoy the post.

Fat Robot

Most of you know that if Apple starts producing Vehicles, DJ Decks, Golf Clubs … (the list is endless), I will be the first one to make an order. And so it happened over a drink, me and a couple of friends were arguing on which is the best platform and I found myself saying “you and your fat robot in green” … just like that, that was it. Later on a T-Shirt i0dea was born but when one Mutua Matheka aka truthslinger moved to the Android world I had to  produce the t-shirt.

And Linda got married

Some guy called Antoine de something once said, “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction” which simply mean for that to happen there has to be some sort of marriage, and that I believe should introduce today’s post. I think most decent ladies say a small prayer and ask the Almighty (subhana wa ta’ala ….which means may He be glorified and exalted)  in Arabic that they may end up marrying a God fearing man. I have no idea if that was part of Linda’s daily conversations with the most high. But she did find herself a King (Yes his real name is King) and this King is God fearing, which I would say is more than a blessing. I was humbled to have been chosen to shoot the wedding. there was alot of excitement from both families, a remarkable experience I must say.

Enjoy the post.

Some Indian in me

Wikipedia one of my favourite informative urls happens to mention the rather disturbing fact that Indians make 17% of the world’s population, and here I thought Africans love the sex but have no idea/clue what family planning is. As I drastically move to the moral of the story (if there is one) yes I love Indian food, you will definitely find me alone or with company smiling or smiling+dissecting a whole chicken poussin (don’t know the spelling)  with my bare hands … true definition of multi tasking, I think.

My good friend Kitty who I hadn’t seen in a couple of month wanted to celebrate her coming birthday in a different way … and yes the theme was Indian. Some of my other images can be found on Http://