Random photo of the day – 2012

On assignment somewhere next to a beautiful 18hole golf course, 20minutes away from Nairobi City

Some people call them … Kulukulu!

As I try to find sometime to go watch Spiderman. Shot somewhere in Kisumu City

This wired tusker guy with a Shaba Ranks hair cut is by far the closest match I have seen to someone who can give Michael Jordan a run for his money

Around midnight in a pent house in the CBD Nairobi City, I managed to creep out of a window and shoot the Ecobank Towers.

I watched the sunset for exactly 5 minutes. Next to the tree is a swamp where a herd of buffaloes were grazing

34,000ft above the sea level, 40grams of cashenuts and a cold sprite later on my way back to Nairobi from Mombasa – Mt. Kilimanjaro

This is magic

A KikoRomeo model

Little tree

Two little birds enjoying a good meal.

A lioness takes a break after a very short (less than a minute) mating session

Another slow Sunday (22/01/2012), trying to kill time at the National park.

One of Kenya’s Bad Ass disc jockeys – DJ Mister Tee

At a recent assignment in Mombasa, this is where we were kicking it.

Alpha performing at the Tusker All Star Concert

Another Nairobi National Park spectacular sunset.

Sometime last year, I shot the baptism ceremony for little Thayu. New he is all grown. What a lovely family right there.

On my way for a barbecue at the National park.

Shocked instead of pocking. An impala at the Nairobi National Park

9 thoughts on “Random photo of the day – 2012

  1. That photo of Nairobi’s skyline from National Park is just the one! I love the clarity of the skyline. Never seen it so clear. And the DJ photo, it’s super!

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