Aloe Blacc


I saw a couple of blankets, lots of wine, a good number of whiskey bottles from scotch to bourbon. Blends and single malts. Well, unlike Aloe Blacc I needed more than a dollar. I was thirsty and being a bachelor, hungry at the same time (You wouldn’t get it if you have a better half or she managed to convince you to put a ring on it).

The weather was just right for those with blankets and one confused clown who had a fur coat on. It threatened to rain but the gods wanted to “sheki-legi” one more time to Blinky Bill and his band . The gathering was coloured; full of love, happiness and a frenzy well represented by artist, bloggers, young families, loads of single women, a trillion photographers and even a rep from the government (permanent secretary of something – who cares). In general, the cool kids would say the place was “lit” #Fire.

After some hours spent trying to hide my gear I finally started doing what took me there. Aloe Blacc did a great job, no words can describe his performance and how he entertained the crowd. Below are the results. Enjoy!



BAT 2014 Annual Report

After a long hiatus to blogging (I think over a year) I have final managed to put up a new blog post. This assignment took me to the Kenya – Ugandan border and back to the city met beautiful, kind and humble people, things that you rarely find in the cities. Moving on, I was assigned to take images for the BAT Kenya annual report which is currently out. From corporate settings, meeting farmers, loads of travel and a couple of hours editing below find the images.

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Opa Williams Night of a Thousand Laughs – 2014 (The Artists)

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
― Robert Frost

From the likes of Basket Mouth @Basket_mouth, to our very own Eric Omondi it was definitely a night of a thousand laughs and more. Opa Williams did it again and this time round it was the best, based on organization, preparation and the lineup of comedians.  I felt like our local comedians were put to test and they kinder stood out as they avoided their normal family jokes. If you missed the show get the DVD it will be out sometime soon. @Basket_mouth will be having his own show in Nairobi sometime August, see posters and press for details.


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Little Hawi

Kids are beautiful creatures, they evoke the deepest feelings and emotions making you go aaaaaw 🙂  and occasionally drop a tear or two. More often than not  it can be one hell of a challenge getting good images of these younglings but that wasn’t the case when I had a session with Hawi and the parents.

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Amboseli Double Exposed (Portraits & Landscapes) 01


For reasons beyond my control this happens to be my first blog post this year. Better late than never, that’s what they say. Armed with my preferred tools of trade, a couple of friends (mainly photographers) the zeal to capture different images and powered by the passion to show the world that “Africa is more than poverty and suffering” I present to you – Amboseli Double Exposed.

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Eric Wainaina at RVF

There comes a time a man gets fed up. This has nothing to do with relationship problems but everything to do with council workers on strike, elected civil servant heavily slapping the other and minutes later denying it, the traffic we so adore and hate at the same time all that and many more. Well I found myself OUT OF THE CITY enjoying clean air next to zebras, giraffes, wildebeests and one of those fat animals yes I said it, hippos. Not forgetting this was a opportunity for grown ups to get wild in the bush and down a good number of alcoholic drinks. Later on did some shooting at the Rift Valley Festival. Enjoy the post.

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From a Man’s ribs (Part II)

I still don’t have much to say about these images, but then again they do speak for themselves.

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Enjoy the post.001_ 002_ 003_ 004_ 005_ 006_ 007_ 008_ 009_ 010_ 011_ 012_ 013_ 014_ 015_ 016_ 017_ 018_

Sauti Sol at the Boombatta Concert

The multi talented  SAUTI SOL. Truth be told they killed the show, the Nigerians performance was nothing to write home about. Big up my brothers, we look forward to seeing you reach greater heights and do bigger things in life. Enjoy the post and expect more images from the concert on my next post.

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Kiambu – Landscapes

located at   1°10′1″S 36°49′19″E, with a population of around 14,000 people (not sure if that includes the number chicken, cows and donkeys) I think Kenyans I included have taken that joke too far. Kiambu town is situated along the hilly Kikuyu farmlands, very productive land full of coffee estates and tea plantations. On a certain assignment, I couldn’t resist the beautiful landscapes while driving. Had to make a stop. Enjoy the post. 01_ 02_ 03_ 04_ 05_ 06_ 07_

Figure drawing with light


I have got to say the urge and excitement that comes with shooting concerts seems to be growing in me. May be It’s the energy, the ever changing dramatic lighting, the subjects in various moods, the artists, the partying and the drinking. Enjoy the post!

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